About The Artist

For more than a quarter of a century, my life has been interwoven with the art of pottery. The spark ignited back in 1983 when I stumbled upon a sculpture course that introduced me to the captivating world of ceramics. This initial encounter bloomed into a fervent passion, nurtured by my membership in the Fort McMurray Potter's Guild. This guild became my training ground, bridging the gap between a simple hobby and a refined craft, as I transformed self-expression into a lifelong pursuit.

While my journey has largely been self-directed, I've augmented my knowledge through participation in professional workshops and constant perusal of ceramic literature. The wisdom of master potters and the insights distilled from pages of countless books have contributed to my evolution as an artisan.

Functionality is top of mind for me, with a particular penchant for crafting pieces that harmonize in size and shape, allowing them to nestle comfortably in sets. It is so gratifying when someone enjoys using a piece of pottery that I’ve made. 

I enjoy seeing the reaction between the heat of the kiln and the glazes I use – particularly those that "move" and change in the kiln. More recently I have been trying some new decorating techniques—stencils, silk screens, and monoprinting—each layer adding a unique facet to my creations. Carving is another avenue of expression I enjoy, evident in pieces like the ladybug and neighbourhood mugs and the intricate garden totems.

In more recent years, my artistic path has ventured into the realms of sculptural and decorative pottery, while I diligently maintain my production lines. This exploration has allowed me to sculpt and manipulate clay in innovative ways, unearthing new avenues of creativity. As a fervent gardener and nature enthusiast, elements of the natural world find their way into my work. From garden totems to bird feeders and ornaments, my pieces often bear traces of the Alberta landscape.

As you navigate through my website, you're embarking on a visual expedition into my artistic evolution. Each piece encapsulates not just my dedication, but also my enduring affection for the craft that has shaped my life for decades. Your interest in my work is both valued and appreciated



My works are represented at the following galleries and craft shops in Alberta:

Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, Alberta

Alberta Craft Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

Leighton Art Centre, Millarville, Alberta

Chocolates and Candlelight, Fort McMurray, Alberta

I am a Professional  Member of the Alberta Craft Council.