About The Artist

I have been a professional full-time potter for more than 25 years. I first fell in love with pottery in 1983 when I took a sculpture course. After that I became a member of the Fort McMurray Potter’s Guild where I was able to hone my hobby and turn it into something more. I am primarily self-taught but I have attended a number of professional workshops and lectures.
Functionality is always top of mind with my production work. I enjoy the challenge of creating pieces that match in size and shape, and can be used in sets. I love glazes that 'move' and create new designs as they're fired. I have a fascination and love of vivid colours and interesting patterns. I take great pride in the glazes and decorations I have created. It is such a joy to hear someone say “I just love drinking from that mug you made.” It feels so good.
In more recent years, I have been pursuing the sculptural and decorative side of pottery, while still maintaining my production lines. It gives me an opportunity to carve and manipulate clay in new and challenging ways. I am also an avid gardener and lover of birds, and I like to leave evidence of this in my more decorative pieces - particularly my garden totems, bird feeders and Christmas ornaments. Living in Alberta near the Rocky Mountains means I am surrounded by inspiring landscape, wildlife, and plants. I’m looking forward to being able to reflect this even more in both my sculptural and functional works.


My works are represented at the following galleries and craft shops in Alberta:

Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, Alberta

Leighton Art Centre, Millarville, Alberta

Chocolates and Candlelight, Fort McMurray, Alberta

I am a Professional  Member of the Alberta Craft Council.