I have produced a variety of glazes; all of which are food, oven, and microwave safe. These colours are inspired by the nature surrounding my home in Calgary and the Rocky Mountains. All of my works are available in each glaze with the exception of Neighbourhood, which is only available for mugs.

Foothills Blue

A beautiful rich deep blue, reminiscent of a twilight sky, with a shimmer of the dancing Aurora Borealis surrounding the entire piece.


Inspired by the lush green fields and hills that surround the southwestern region of Alberta; this green glaze brings to mind the grasses and trees that forever grow and cover the land.

Grey Ice

Brings to mind the beauty and majesty of the Canadian Rockies; with their snow capped jagged peaks contrasting with the grey stone continually seeming to propel upward.

Grey Ice with Raven

Adding to the majesty of the mountains is the presence of the raven. A strong bird with deep spiritual and mystical stories and beliefs surrounding it. The raven is a continual presence on the Alberta landscape.


A fun, colourful, and whimsical piece of functional art. This glaze is used solely for mugs, as I hand draw and colour each piece.


To look at the breathtaking colours of a glacial mountain lake, is to understand the inspiration behind this glaze.